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"The Road Trip"

Jennifer Robinson

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know technically road trip snacks have NOTHING to do with skincare, but man oh man, do I love the road trip snacks hahaha. AND this meme below is so true!!

When you pack for a trip do you always remember your skincare products? I tend to pack everything up and then use it right out of the bag the morning before we go somewhere.  It seems to help, but it's not perfect! 

We are headed on a road trip soon to Idaho!!! So excited that not only are we finally getting to go somewhere (responsibly during this pandemic of course) but that I get to do the above meme! Whoop Whoop!!

I am definitely going to remember my "dews" if nothing else, which are the moisturizers and they work amazingly. Although, full disclosure, I really stink at being consistent with my nighttime routine.  The evening dew works amazing and one of my friends has been using it for quite a while now (consistently) and her skin looks radiant! She keeps getting compliments.

SO my goal is to be consistent with the nighttime bit. #GOALS right!!! I'm just saying you're not alone if you have problems with consistency also! We can rock this thing together!! Keep me posted on your progress so we can get into good habits together!!

Alright, so I will not forget my "dews" AND my candy haha! I will keep you posted on my trip and look forward to your comments about how you stay consistent with your routines or how you may need a little encouragement also!!!


Ta Ta For Now My Friends, 


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