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Arnica Flower in Skin Care 🌿

Arnica Flower in Skin Care 🌿



Arnica flower in skin care, what is it? 

Arnica: A natural ingredient that comes from the Arnica montana plant (located primarily in the mountains of northwestern North America) and offers many benefits for skin, such as helping to heal wounds, relieving pain, soothing bug bites, and preventing irritation. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties, arnica is used in many pain-relieving medicines to help improve blood circulation throughout your body. In a topical form, arnica gel or cream can help relieve sore muscles and sprains.

This is a pretty awesome extract and using it as one of the ingredients in the Mint Body Cream, adds a little something extra to an already amazing lotion. While the Mint Body Cream is not medicinal, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It also absorbs very well without leaving a greasy residue. 

And now you know just a little bit about Arnica flower in skin care.  Pretty cool. 

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